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Sacred Yoni Steam

Sacred Yoni Steam

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A special hand picked blend of 15 herbs beneficial to the vagina, the most SACRED place on the female body. Over 3 & 1/2 cups of herbs! 

Yoni refers to vaginal. Vaginal steaming is an old yet both simple & effective solution to various ailments like: infertility, irregular and/or painful cycles, cramps, bladder infections, PMS symptoms, unbalanced pH’s, & much more!

Skin-healing and soothing. Anti-inflammatory. Moistening. Tones uterus. Relaxant. Antispasmodic. Stimulates blood flow. Eases menstrual pain and cramps. Balances hormones. 

Yoni steaming isn’t only for those with health issues or concerns! You can steam if you feel like aligning and relaxing your mind, body, & spirit. Wonderful things can happen when we allow ourselves to be open minded & experience different ways of healing! 

 NOT recommended for those currently pregnant, using an IUD, or while heavily bleeding (menstrual).