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STIMULATE, Tonic Growth Oil (2oz)

STIMULATE, Tonic Growth Oil (2oz)

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STIMULATES GROWTH. HYDRATES & MOISTURIZES. DETANGLES & SOFTENS. Great on all hair types, this oil is a must have when it comes to enhancing hair growth! 

Toni Growth Oil stimulates hair follicles and keeps them active. This helps to improve both hair thickness and growth! A rosemary & peppermint herb infusion adds a rich source of omega3 acids and other nutrients that are essential for hair growth. This infusion also has the added benefit of softening the hair and relieving dry scalp. 

Benefits include but aren’t limited:

✨Hair Moisturizer

Hair Growth

✨Hair Thickener 

✨Hair Softener 

✨Hair Detangler

✨Dry Scalp Treatment 

✨Hot Oil Treatment